Music Daily and American Weekend Entertainment, Inc. Partner with Pixels AI for Digital Video Distribution

Pixels AI will monetize Music Daily by optimizing its content with relevant audiences throughout its digital network


NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2024 -- American Weekend Entertainment, an innovative creator platform that empowers Gen Z fans of pop culture to curate and distribute authentic multimedia content, is pleased to announce that it has entered a partnership with Pixels AI, a video distribution service that uses AI optimization to connect digital publishers, advertisers, and video content rights holders by matching quality content to relevant visitor pages.

The partnership will enable Music Daily to generate new advertising revenue from its owned video content by leveraging Pixels’ AI-powered platform utilized by some of the largest publishers including The Independent, Evening Standard, and National World (formerly JPI Media).

"We’re thrilled to partner with one of the most innovative video distributors in the business," said Mel Adler, CEO of American Weekend Entertainment. "Their use of AI to not only ingest but to seamlessly serve our content to a broad and engaged audience, bolsters our distribution strategy to benefit our artists, their passionate fans and the brands that need to reach them."

Pixels AI’s video distribution platform matches quality video content to relevant articles and web pages in real-time to enhance reader and audience engagement. In addition, Pixels AI enables digital publishers to maximize the yield on their digital advertising inventory by providing them with content relevant to advertisers’ target audiences in which advertising space is purchased via real-time digital advertising.

“We’re excited to open up the scope and quality of music videos we will be able to make available to our Publishers. The breadth of content from American Weekend Entertainment’s library is impressive and truly unique.” said Alex Powell, CEO of Pixels Ai.

The partnership will also provide American Weekend Entertainment’s Music Daily website with intelligent content performance data to assist with added content and IP development and will also assist AWE in targeting audiences from new growth territories and regions.

The use of digital advertising and AI optimization to automate the serving of Music Daily’s owned video content on relevant articles will increase the visibility of American Weekend Entertainment’s content and consequently the volume of available advertising opportunities. American Weekend Entertainment anticipates that the partnership will open new distribution channels for Music Daily’s content and allow them to better understand music audiences across a wider range of online channels, unlocking significant new revenue streams by monetizing Music Daily’s extensive content library with new audiences.

About Music Daily and American Weekend Entertainment, Inc.
Music Daily is a multimedia audience network driven by Generation Z creators and storytellers. Its mission is to provide an authentic creative outlet and voice that entertains, informs, and unites fans on every platform and screen including online, mobile, linear & digital TV, live events, social and audio channels. Music Daily is a registered trademark and unit of American Weekend Entertainment, Inc. Founded by seasoned media entertainment professionals to efficiently connect brands with fans, AWE leverages standard college recruiting with advanced AI technology to identify and mentor pop culture talent in producing a new form of user-generated content enabling omnichannel distribution that resonates with a worldwide audience.

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About Pixels AI:
Pixels AI is a leading UK-based provider of real-time AI & NLP video distribution solutions built for Tier 1 Video Content Owners and Publishers on the open web. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced targeting algorithms, Pixels AI connects video content owners with large online audiences by precisely matching the context of a publisher page with a relevant video. With a focus on video quality and relevancy, Pixels AI unlocks the untapped potential of open web pages, improves user engagement, and maximizes advertising revenue for content and audience owners. Pixels AI is committed to revolutionizing the video content landscape on the open web with innovative technology solutions that provide full editorial control and protect the content owners' IP.

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