VideoElephant and MusicDaily Partner for Content Distribution

Music Daily is a multichannel entertainment network driven by Generation Z creators and storytellers

NEW YORK, Dec. 22, 2023 – Music Daily® (htps://, an innovative platform that empowers Gen Z creators to curate authentic multimedia content, today announced that it is partnering with VideoElephant for video distribution. Music Daily is a registered trademark of American Weekend Entertainment.

The VideoElephant distribution network includes web publishers, CTV, OEMs, digital out-of-home and streaming platforms globally and opens a new and wider audience for the content created by MusicDaily. This partnership is designed to drive engagement, help increase ad revenue, build video views, and increase monthly impressions.

"We are, excited to begin our journey with one of the largest and most respected video aggregators in the business," said Mel Adler, CEO of American Weekend Entertainment. "The increased reach that VideoElephant provides will help expose the emerging artists we discover to a wider audience while connecting their fans with relevant brands."

“We’re delighted to add AWE to our library. Music Daily has become one of the foremost platforms for Gen Z audiences to read about and discover emerging artists. Its unique content on the modern music industry will be a welcome addition to our music, culture and social categories serving our broad customer base across web, mobile, OOH, CTV, FAST and retail media," said John Jordan, COO, VideoElephant.

About Music Daily and American Weekend Entertainment, Inc.
Music Daily is a multimedia audience network driven by Generation Z creators and storytellers. Its mission is to provide an authentic creative outlet and voice that entertains, informs, and unites fans on every platform and screen including online, mobile, linear & digital TV, live events, social and audio channels. Music Daily is a registered trademark and unit of American Weekend Entertainment, Inc. Founded by seasoned media entertainment professionals to efficiently connect brands with fans, AWE leverages standard college recruiting with advanced AI technology to identify and mentor pop culture talent in producing a new form of user-generated content enabling omnichannel distribution that resonates with a worldwide audience.

For more information visit Music Daily and our corporate site to learn more.

About VideoElephant
VideoElephant makes it easier for businesses and brands to scale their video strategy effectively, without putting their audience or their bottom-line at risk. Backed by the world’s largest premium video content library, offering more than 4 million videos from 1,000+ creators in a single online platform, VideoElephant offers a range of editorial, distribution, monetization, and advertising solutions for video businesses of all types, around the globe.

Founded in Ireland in 2012, and with offices in New York and Dublin, VideoElephant is a team of digital video experts dedicated to building the solutions that smart industry leaders – and their audiences – demand. For more information, please visit

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