Bonbon Technologies Selects Music Daily Network for Audience Engagement Beta

Bonbon Technologies will provide Music Daily with proprietary engagement and registration tools as part of the beta rollout of its new audience incentive platform.

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- American Weekend Entertainment, an innovative creator platform that enables GenZ fans of pop culture to curate and syndicate authentic multimedia content today announced that they have partnered with Bonbon Technologies to generate audience engagement and registrations for Music Daily.

American Weekend Entertainment is the parent company of Music Daily, an audience network and one-stop destination for music enthusiasts that provides the latest news, reviews, and insights into the world of music and pop culture. With content created by Gen Z for Gen Z, Music Daily drills down to subcultures, niche communities, and fandoms to deliver authentic coverage and impactful marketing partnerships that reach Gen Z at scale.

"We are excited to incorporate Bonbon's product into our network platforms," says Mel Adler, CEO of American Weekend Entertainment. "Their proprietary features will enable our audience to engage with the artists that they love and discover new ones without big tech owning their personal data. We look forward to Bonbon helping Music Daily connect more fans with more bands... in a privacy-centric way."

Bonbon is a transformative technology company that believes users should interact with the online content that they love without surrendering their freedom or control of their private information to Big Tech.  Similarly, creators should be able to make more advertising revenue without being beholden to standards dictated by Big Tech. Along the way, consumers can collect rewards for simply logging in and reading more of the content love from their favorite publishers.

"At Bonbon, we're not just about turning a profit; we're committed to fixing the advertising industry for everyone involved," says Elliott Easterling Bonbon's CEO. "We aim to empower consumers with sovereignty over their personal data, and we provide independent publishers with the tools needed for sustainable revenue. In essence, we serve as a data shepherd, not a data broker."

About Bonbon Technologies, Inc.
Founded by seasoned experts in advertising technology and digital identity, Bonbon is on a mission to reinvent the internet's advertising landscape for the greater good. Our ethos is simple: consumers should be rewarded for their time and the data they choose to share, while also retaining full control over whom they share it with. Meanwhile, content creators and publishers deserve equitable compensation for enriching the digital world with their stories, videos, audio, and experiences.

About American Weekend Entertainment, Inc.
American Weekend Entertainment (AWE) is a content agency focused on the emerging Generation Z culture. Founded by seasoned music and digital executives, AWE recruits and mentors passionate fans of pop culture and leverages advanced AI to produce a new breed of user-generated content for omnichannel distribution. AWE is the parent company of Music Daily, a culture-first music and lifestyle network; powered by Gen Z creators, creatives, and storytellers that deliver the most relevant, entertainment news through online, social, audio, and linear television channels. Music Daily is a registered trademark of American Weekend Entertainment, Inc.

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