Eddie Dombrower, CEO of Curve10, Joins American Weekend Entertainment’s Board of Advisors

American Weekend Entertainment enlists Eddie Dombrower to lead product development for Music Daily’s Digital Audience Network

NEW YORK, Jun. 7, 2023 -- American Weekend Entertainment, the parent company of Music Daily, today announced that Eddie Dombrower, CEO of Curve10 - a product design and development company, has been appointed to the AWE Advisory Board.  Dombrower has helped create pioneering products for over a dozen startups and major brands including Activision, Atari, The Jim Henson Company, Electronic Arts, E*Trade, Match.com, IAC, AT&T Wireless, and Healthgrades.

“We are humbled that Eddie has joined our executive team,” said Mel Adler, President of American Weekend Entertainment. “Eddie’s a legend in the industry and brings a wealth of product knowledge and experience to grow Music Daily’s network and e-commerce platforms.  I can’t wait to see what innovations he has in store for us!” Music Daily® is an audience network that empowers passionate fans to create the content they love about the information they crave to discover. With this creator-driven philosophy, Music Daily produces multimedia reports on new releases, streaming playlists, and breakout artists plus news updates on tours, festivals, and live streams for distribution across popular online, social, and audio podcast channels.

"I am very excited to join this great team to help bring new and emerging music artists together with fans who are anxious to discover them!" said Eddie Dombrower, CEO of Curve10. “I've been following Music Daily for some time and was impressed how they’re able to recruit so many passionate and talented creators to speak authentically for their peers.”  

About Curve10
Curve10 brings together the best in product management, design, engineering, marketing, data science, and research to help companies discover new opportunities and create real change.  Our team are seasoned experts who have been at the forefront of design, analytics, and product strategy and have built their careers helping global brands thrive amid constant change and uncertainty.

About American Weekend Entertainment
American Weekend Entertainment (AWE) is a content agency focused on the emerging Generation Z culture. Founded by seasoned music and digital executives, AWE recruits and mentors passionate fans of pop culture and leverages AI to produce multimedia content for omnichannel distribution.  AWE is the parent company of Music Daily, a culture-first music and lifestyle network; powered by Gen Z creators, creatives, and storytellers that drill down to subcultures, niche communities & fandoms to deliver the most relevant, entertainment news through most online, social, and podcast channels. Music Daily is a registered trademark of American Weekend Entertainment, Inc. For more information, please visit: musicdaily.com and aweinc.tv.


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