American Weekend Entertainment Announces Partnership with New York City Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education will provide American Weekend Entertainment with “Computer Science For All” student internships to learn what it’s like to work at Music Daily®

NEW YORK, Mar. 15, 2023 -- This partnership will grow career-connected learning and allow students to get real-world skills and paid work experiences in high-growth fields like technology and media. Computer Science For All is a part of the Student Pathways Initiative, focused on putting each student on a path to a rewarding, engaging career, as well as financial independence and long-term economic security – the North Stars of the administration.

“We are honored that the NYC Department of Education asked us to join this initiative,” said Mel Adler, President of American Weekend Entertainment. “It’s our belief that people learn best by doing and that Music Daily can provide real-world experience for students to help achieve their educational and career goals.”

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" We're really excited to be able to provide our students with this opportunity. Pathfinders provides HS students with the opportunity to not only receive career readiness training but also apply those skills in real-time while receiving mentorship and guidance from professionals in the field"

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