Marc Montoya Joins American Weekend Entertainment as Chief Revenue Advisor

Senior business development executive, Marc Montoya brings his 25 years of experience to help American Weekend Entertainment grow Music Daily Audience Network.

NEW YORK -- Jan. 10, 2023 -- Marc Montoya is bringing his collaborative approach to American Weekend Entertainment that involves working closely with top C-level executives, cross-functional and multimedia departments to facilitate exponential revenue growth for Music Daily®. With 25 years of experience at some of the most prominent media companies such as Nexstar Media Group, AOL, Yahoo!,, Belo Broadcasting, and Marc is a leader in fully integrated digital management solutions and the development of multi-platform initiatives that optimize revenue opportunities.

“We are excited to have Marc join our team as Chief Revenue Advisor,” said Mel Adler, President of American Weekend Entertainment. He has the ability to anticipate trends and transform audience delivery networks like Music Daily through innovative digital syndication models and monetization strategies”.

Music Daily is a fully immersive “studio to stage” experience, created by Zillennials for Zillennials. It offers Gen Z and younger Millennial music fans everything they crave about the artists they love and those that they need to discover… new in-studio collaborations, top releases, streaming charts & playlists plus breaking news about tours, festivals, and livestreams, available on multimedia platforms & channels.

“Music Daily is a fun, exciting alternative to standard music news and information sources. My goal is to syndicate this great content across all applicable digital broadcast and OTT channels; increasing their audience network and revenue. Basically, connecting passionate music fans with bands and brands at scale.” said Marc Montoya.

About American Weekend Entertainment
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