Music Daily’s “Tracks” Uses Innovative Technology to Create Weekly Charts

The Gen-Z and Millennial music website highlights chart toppers and newcomers alike

LOS ANGELES,  Sep. 13, 2021 – Music Daily, an all-new website aimed at Gen-Z and Millennial music fans, is taking a different approach to music charts. While the overall programming is based in part on trends from Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, Music Daily’s Content team – and even its interns – then dive in to create specialized playlists based on chart data.

Featured in the “Tracks” section on their innovative platform, the Music Daily team uses their own algorithm to analyze charts from all streaming platforms to create three proprietary playlists each week: Top 30 Streamed TracksMusic Daily Discoveries, and Trending Tracks.

The Top 30 Streamed Tracks is exactly what it sounds like: the top songs of the week utilizing all available data. Music Daily Discoveries looks past the major labels to find rising artists with a new and unique sound and that seem to come out of nowhere, while Trending Tracks are the songs that are quickly moving up the charts. Accompanying the charts each week is a video editorial segment – one of the site’s most engaging assets – called the “Tracks Report” which highlights the top artists across all three charts.

The Music Daily then takes the Discovery playlists a step further by giving appreciation to the underappreciated. Each week, the content team selects an artist to promote across all sections of the site. Chosen artists may get an artist profile in the “Word” section, new single coverage in the “Drops” section, showcased in a “Feature Artist” or interview video editorial treatment.

Music Daily is a groundbreaking, fully immersive fan-to-fan experience that offers visitors everything they need about the artists they love – and those they’re about to discover – at one exciting, multimedia destination. With its fan-driven philosophy and approach, Music Daily takes users “from the studio to the stage,” offering exclusive videos and interviews with artists as they’re creating and releasing new music, along with breaking news about tours, festivals, and live streams. Music Daily is actively preparing to launch a subscription mobile app that will offer fans a custom discovery feature allowing them to dive even deeper into the kinds of music they’re most interested in.